Allowing polluting substances into storm drains is prohibited in California. Small business plays a key role in pollution prevention. While not regulated, small business has a responsibility to comply with State and EPA guidelines and may be inspected by their municipality to ensure compliance. Potential areas of concern are drainage, storage, toxic chemicals, management of trash and waste products, pesticides and spills into the stormwater system. Learn how you can protect our water.

Green Business Program

The Green Business Program is a successful partnership of environmental agencies and utilities that assists, recognizes and promotes businesses and government agencies that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. Green Businesses can:

  • Reduce waste and utility costs
  • Improve systems and equipment performance
  • Attract environmentally conscious customers
  • Demonstrate community good will
  • Establish good relationships with regulators
  • Provide a safer workplace
  • Motivate and recognize employees’ environmental efforts

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