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Community Watershed Stewardship Grants Now Accepting Proposals

The County Watershed Program (CWP) and the Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CCCWP) are partnering with the Watershed Project (TWP) to administer the Community Watershed Stewardship Grants (CWSG) for the 10th year. 

The Community Watershed Stewardship Grants are a one-year grant program benefiting watershed groups, environmental nonprofit organizations and grassroots organizations working in Contra Costa County to prevent water pollution and help restore the health of local watersheds and creeks around the County. The Community Watershed Stewardship Grant Program (CWSG) encourages and facilitates grassroots community action that enhances and protects the health of local watersheds, creeks, and the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary.

For more information and proposal guidelines, go to:

Community Watershed Stewardship Grants 2014 Proposal Guidelines

Your Pesticide May Be Polluting the Bay

Danger PesticideRainfall and watering of lawns and gardens can create runoff that washes pesticides, fertilizers and other contaminants into the storm drains.  Get more information about the dangers as well as less-toxic alternatives.

Cities Key Source of Toxics in Bay, Study Finds

Many people still believe business is still responsible for most water pollution. Read this October 5th SF Chronicle article to find out who and what is polluting our Bay.

The Delta Smelt-a Small Fish Caught in a Big Fuss

The delta smelt is arguably the most powerful player in California water. Its movements rule the pumping operations of the state’s biggest water projects in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Efforts to stave off its demise have at times reduced water deliveries to 25 million people and 2 million acres of farmland, magnifying the impact of the recent drought and forcing farmers to fallow fields. See the Feb 2nd LA Times article to learn more.

Gray Water Systems Growing in Popularity, Ingenuity and Ease of Installation

Until recently, gray (recycled) water had the patina of being on the fringe or new age. And it seemed, therefore,
dismissible. But that image is changing. As the need to conserve water drives innovation and demand, gray
water is finding a place in landscapes and gardens across California. For more information read the
February 7th CC Times article.

“A Creek Without a Voice” Video

We hope you will enjoy this 2 minute video provided by the City of Martinez. It illustrates the affect of your daily activities on the waterways around you. It takes a full minute or more (depending on your internet connection) to download, but it’s worth the wait.

Cigarette Butt Poison is Killing Fish, Say Researchers

Discarded cigarette butts are wiping out fish by leaking poisonous chemicals into their stomachs, according to scientists from San Diego State University. To read more see this brief article.

Recycled Water is an Idea Whose Time Has Come

Bay Area water recycling efforts that will create jobs and expand water supplies got a boost this week after the federal Bureau of Reclamation announced more than $2 million in grants for these innovative projects. U.S. Rep. George Miller (D-CA), a leading champion in Congress for water recycling praised the decision, saying the grants will help local economies. See the August 4th Waste Management World Article for details how this will impact your area.

Lake Tahoe 65 Year Pact to Improve Clarity

Governor Jerry Brown and the governor of Nevada signed a pact with the federal government near the shore of Lake Tahoe on Tuesday intended to increase the clarity of the lake by half a foot per year for the next 65 years. See the August 17th NY Times article to learn more.


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