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One of the greatest causes of water pollution in Contra Costa County is litter generated by residents. To reduce the amount of litter in our community, we are encouraging sports teams in Contra Costa to assign a parent/child to Litter Pick-Up Duty each week.

The Delta Baseball & Softball League works to adopt Litter Pick-Up Duty Policies for their teams.

We are also encouraging parents to be mindful when selecting treats for game-day—little pieces of litter such as juice box straws and plastic wrappers do add up over time. Here are some tips to reduce litter at snack time:

  • Bring a jug of water or Gatorade and reusable plastic cups with each players name instead of juice boxes
  • Apples, oranges and bananas are a great alternative to granola bars and other snacks with plastic wrappers
  • Bake rice crispy treats, cookies or cupcakes and bring them in a tray from home to share

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