Business/Municipal Operations

Small business plays a key role in pollution prevention. Discharge of any substance other than rainwater into storm drains is prohibited in California. While not regulated, small businesses have a responsibility to comply with State and EPA guidelines and may be inspected by their municipality to ensure compliance. Potential areas of concern are drainage, storage, toxic chemicals, management of trash and waste products, pesticides and spills into the stormwater system. Learn how you can protect our water.

Provisions C.4 and C.5 in the MRP 2.0 require businesses to use best management practices minimize non-stormwater discharges (discharges of anything but rain water to the storm drains) and prevent illicit discharges, like soapy wash water, that can harm water quality. 

The Contra Costa Clean Water Program has developed brochures detailing best management practices (BMPs) for the following types of businesses:


California Green Business Network

The Green Business Program is a successful partnership of environmental agencies and utilities which assist, recognize, and promote businesses and government agencies that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. The GBP is designed to publicly recognize private businesses and public agencies that take extra steps, beyond baseline compliance with environmental regulations, to prevent pollution and save resources (e.g., conserve water and energy, reduce waste through reuse and recycling, prevent stormwater pollution through good housekeeping practices). This program encourages and helps business managers and inspectors strengthen and sustain the quality of the environment in the County through a collaborative partnership.Green Businesses can reduce waste and utility costs, improve systems and equipment performance, attract environmentally conscious customers, demonstrate community good will, establish good relationships with regulators, provide a safer workplace, and motivate and recognize employees’ environmental efforts.

Since its inception in 1998, approximately 634 businesses have been certified as Green Businesses in the County. The types of businesses being certified are diverse and include business offices, solar electric companies, auto repair shops, landscapers, printers, restaurants, small manufacturers, home remodelers and cleaning services, and wastewater treatment facilities.