Local schools offer programs to educate children about keeping our waterways clean.

The Mr. Funnelhead Show

The Mr. Funnelhead Show travels to 25 schools throughout Contra Costa County. Since the program’s beginning in 1996, Mr. Funnelhead has educated over 120,000 second, third, fourth and fifth grade students about the importance of storm drain pollution and the recycling of used motor oil and filters.

Each one of the forty-minute skits stars Mr. Funnelhead, a lovable, grime-fighting superhero who entertains while he teaches students about the proper recycling of used motor oil and storm drain pollution.  Along the way, Mr. Funnelhead encounters different characters improperly disposing used motor oil.  The shows include a state of the art sound system, lights, special effects and quality actors.

Featured Video: Dr. Freckle & Mr. Hyde- Dumpster Mash


Curriculum pertaining to stormwater pollution can be a great learning tool for students to understand how their home and school sites as environments are impacted by stormwater and urban runoff. In the 9th – 12th Grade Curriculum for instance, students observe and map the locations of litter, dirt, oil, and other pollutants while estimating the direction of runoff that could carry these pollutants into storm drains or other waterways. We hope to help assist teachers and students to identify stormwater pollution prevention behaviors that can be implemented at the school site and at home with these resources.

There are other schools programs that we have found to be effective and fun for kids. To find out more, please utilize the resources below.