Requirements for Construction

As required by Provision C.6 in the MRP 2.0, Contra Costa municipalities implement a construction site control program to prevent construction site discharges of pollutants and impacts on receiving waters. Each jurisdiction:

  • Requires the submittal of an Erosion Control Plan that includes appropriate site specific Best Management Practices (BMPs).

  • Inspects construction projects.

  • Implements an Enforcement Response Plan to respond to and require timely corrections of non-compliant conditions.

In addition to complying with Provision C.6 in the MRP 2.0, construction project that disturb an acre or more of soil are required to comply with the State Construction General Permit. Among other things the Construction General Permit requires the development of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and the implementation of an inspection and monitoring program. The California Stormwater Quality Best Management Practices Handbook Construction provides guidance on complying with the State Construction General Stormwater Permit and includes a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan template.