Stormwater Resource Plan

The Contra Costa Clean Water Program is pleased to announce the release of the Contra Costa Watersheds Stormwater Resource Plan: Greening the Community for Healthy Watersheds (CCW SWRP). The CCW SWRP can be viewed or downloaded using the links in the side navigation bar.

The CCW SWRP was created to advance stormwater management projects and programs within Contra Costa County (County). The plan builds upon a foundation of support for and successful implementation of watershed protection programs, restoration projects, and low impact development throughout the County. These projects value stormwater as a resource and provide multiple benefits for the community. The CCW SWRP identifies potential stormwater management projects and programs that are eligible to apply for grant funds like the Proposition 1 Storm Water Grant Program. You are invited to view the potential project opportunities using the SWRP Project Viewer, a GIS-based web mapping application.

The CCW SWRP is a living document and will be periodically updated to reflect changing regulatory requirements and implementation strategies. Updates of the SWRP are expected to occur every five-years.  

The SWRP Project Viewer will be used to add new multi-benefit stormwater projects to the prioritized project opportunity lists. Following the initial publication in January 2019, the CCW SWRP prioritized project opportunity lists will be dynamically updated and maintained in the SWRP Project Viewer. The public and watershed stakeholders are encouraged to recommend additional projects for the SWRP.  Please use the “Suggest a Project” form using the links in the side navigation bar and your idea will be routed to appropriate jurisdiction(s) where the project boundaries are located.

Contra Costa Watersheds Stormwater Resource Plan (SWRP)

AB-1471 Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Prop 1) was approved by California voters in the general election on November 4, 2014. Among other funds, Prop 1 provided $200 million for a Storm Water Grant Program, which provides matching grants to public agencies, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, state and federally recognized Native American tribes, and mutual water companies for multi-benefit stormwater management projects. Multi-benefit stormwater management projects include green infrastructure (GI), rainwater and stormwater capture projects, and stormwater treatment facilities.

Prior to the passage of Prop 1 in November 2014, the California Legislature adopted SB 985 - the Storm Water Resource Planning Act. SB 985 amended the Water Code to require the development of a SWRP to receive grants from a bond act approved after January 1, 2014 for stormwater and dry weather runoff capture projects. A SWRP must use a watershed-based planning approach to develop a prioritized list of multi-benefit stormwater management projects. The SWRP must be developed in accordance with the State Water Board’s SWRP Guidelines.

In FY 2016/17, the CCCWP Management Committee made a strategic decision to apply for a Prop 1 SWGP planning grant to develop a SWRP for CCC.  There were several reasons for this decision.  For CCCWP Permittees to compete for Prop 1 implementation grants and any future bond monies for stormwater and dry weather capture projects, they must develop a SWRP. The requirements for development of a SWRP are also very similar to the required elements of the MRP 2.0 mandated GI Plans (Provision C.3.j). For example, both call for: 1) focusing water quality priorities based on watersheds, management areas or specific drainage areas; 2) identifying and prioritizing projects using quantitative measures or metrics; 3) prioritizing projects that provide multiple benefits; 4) establishing procedures for tracking progress and implementation of performance measures; and 5) conducting outreach and education and encouraging public participation. CCCWP Permittees made the decision to apply for funding for a SWRP and to leverage the SWRP planning process and deliverables to develop components for the MRP 2.0 mandated GI Plans.

In summer 2016, the CCCWP was awarded a Prop 1 planning grant for development of the Contra Costa Watersheds Stormwater Resource Plan. The committed grant amount for the project is $499,180 with a match amount of $500,760. In order to meet MRP 2.0 compliance deadlines, the Program launched the SWRP planning process on an accelerated schedule in February 2017, while the grant agreement documents were being finalized by the State Water Resources Control Board. The final grant agreement was signed on May 2, 2017, and work ensued on the SWRP.  The CCW SWRP was finalized and submitted to the State Water Board, the East Contra Costa County Integrated Regional Water Management Group and the Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) in January 2019. The Bay Area IRWMP adopted the CCW SWRP at it February 25, 2019 meeting. The East County IRWM Group has incorporated the CCW SWRP into the 2019 IRWM Plan update and will seek approval on the updated plan from DWR during summer of 2019